UKROP project

This website presents the project of the company TESET Studio "Ukrop ®," dedicated to the development of closures with new consumer qualities.

The main focus of Ukrop ® project is the development of plastic covers for PET packaging and caps for closing drinks and beer into glass containers. The main task is to develop closure products with easier and more convenient opening, especially PET packaging for highly carbonated drinks.

At the moment the first part of the project - "Ukrop ® Jigger" is completely developed. Here we are talking about developing plastic caps for PET packaging with new design and absolutely new consumer qualities. When we started the "Ukrop ® Jigger" project, we didn't even assume how global and large it would be. We started with a small one, and here, step by step a picture loomed where a small and very utilitarian cap for PET packaging became a real piece of design and got a lot of additional useful properties.

Now we received a number of technical and design patents on the project "Ukrop ® Jigger," and we are ready to start project implementation. In case of successful work we will put all our products on this website: products that we invented, as well as everything that you will invent! Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot disclose information and share our workings with you, but we really hope that in the nearest future it will be possible.