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The UKROP® Project

TESET Studio presents the project directed at creating unique closures. We aim at developing a product with innovative consumer properties.

The care for the environment is what we mostly focus on in the UKROP project.

The Development of the UKROP Project

There is a great variety of closures; we have chosen a few directions. We needed some of them for the development of other projects. We had some groundwork done for some more directions. We just wanted to try our hand in other directions.

Below are the lines of our developments.

The UKROP® Jigger

This section of the project is dedicated to the creation of plastic caps for bottles with highly carbonated drinks. The plastic cap is certainly not so new an idea, but the UKROP project approaches it in a new way. Our products have a unique design and provide easy and convenient opening.

The UKROP® Jigger project is currently underway. We have got technical and design patents.

The UKROP® Leine

Within this section, we are developing plastic caps for PET packaging. All products are made according to the Single-Use Plastics Directive (EU 2019/904). We are working on secure fixation between caps and containers for joint utilization. That will reduce the level of environmental pollution.

The section is underway.

The UKROP® Tornado

This section of the project is aimed at developing special containers and closures. They will be used for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.

In the future, we plan to create a new market niche with unique qualities concerning hygiene and convenience of drinking directly from the containers.

The section is underway.

The UKROP® Bügel

The section focuses on the development of yoke plugs with unique consumer qualities. The product differs from the rest in the way of fixing on the container. The plug closes and opens in a new way, not similar to the existing models.

The UKROP® Kronen

This section involves the modernization of a well-known and popular crown cap. Our products will be simple and easy to open.

The work is still underway.

The Synergy Effect of the UKROP and CROOT Projects

TESET Studio, within the UKROP project, is developing closures. Another important direction is the CROOT project which represents children’s goods. The project is implemented and successfully works as an independent business.

Despite the fact that the UKROP and CROOT products do differ, the projects are interconnected and complement each other. The task of both is to create an eco-friendly environment in the issue of plastic package.

The UKROP project and its products will become a breakthrough in the creation of closures and will definitely not go unnoticed.


TESET Studio Team

Our Advantages


the unique design that can attract consumers’ attention


the so-called "second life of caps" after being used as closures


ease of use


convenient opening of the package


improving of the environment in the plastic



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