The Crown Cap as Part of the UKROP Project

The crown cap is part of the UKROP project by TESET Studio, which promotes modern eco-friendly packaging for bottled drinks.

TESET Studio offers its own innovative closure. We have developed a crown cap that makes uncorking much easier and allows joint utilizing of the cap and the bottle.

The History of Origin

Presumably, this product appeared in the 17th-18th centuries, when people started to make glass containers.

Such a drink as beer needed specific transportation conditions, because it kept on evolving carbon dioxide, which pushed out the lid. Besides, it was important to preserve the taste of beer, because it quickly gets worse if storage conditions are wrong.

At that time, rubber and ceramic plugs were mostly used, but they both failed at the tasks. Rubber plugs spoiled the taste of the contents, and ceramic plugs rested loosely in the neck. As a result, there appeared a beer cork made of bark.

The new closure was quite expensive, but suited perfectly for the issue. While interacting with the liquid, the cork increased in size and tightly closed the neck of the container, which ensured impermeability.

In 1892, William Painter invented the crown cap, which was a breakthrough in beer corking. The cap tightly closed the bottle and looked like a crown, hence the name.

The cap surface was lined with a thin paper layer from the inside to prevent interaction between the metal bottom and the liquid.

The invention proved very popular and was used not only for beer, but also for other carbonated drinks.

Today’s Caps

Today, the bottle caps production is quite massive. Here are some requirements to comply with:

• the caps must protect the contents from gases, liquids or steam from the outside;

• must guarantee impermeability;

• must be chemically inert, and anti-allergic;

• must preserve the product’s properties in any conditions;

• must be easy to open;

• must have a low cost;

• must look attractive.

The caps must have certificates of conformity issued by authorized bodies after studying the products.

The Types of Beer Caps

In the course of time the product has been developed and improved, resulting in several varieties.

The most popular cap is a “pry-off”. To open it one needs a special corkscrew. This is the easiest and cheapest way of corking glass bottles. It is the classics of closure production.

Another type of cap is a “twist-off”. It has no denticles, but a guide pressed obliquely into the side of the cap. That’s why it is screwed onto the neck and can be opened manually and re-closed.

Another type is aluminum crown caps. They do not require special devices for opening.

And one more type is a “ring-pull” with a convenient opening ring.

As the direction develops, we in TESET Studio will also make up a new name for our crown caps.