The Closure Production

The Sphere of Closure Production

The sphere of closure production is quite wide. As a result, the question of packaging handling and recycling is very acute.

William Painter, the Crown cork creator, used to say that the most profitable product is the one that is thrown away after use. Of course, from the point of view of manufacture, this statement is correct, but at the same time, everyone knows that this leads to a huge amount of waste. The issue of ecology in packaging handling needs to be solved as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Plastic Caps

This type of closure is practical. The caps have a ribbed surface and are easy to open and close without physical effort. These characteristics make them as convenient as possible.

They guarantee impermeability of the packaging, while preserving all the useful and taste properties of the contents. This quality of the product is not lost even after repeated openings.

Plastic caps have an attractive appearance. They are made in different colours; and a brand logo might even be applied.

As well as being reusable the product is also recyclable, which is of great importance in terms of environmental safety.

Plastic caps are universal, which allows them to be used in various industries where polymer packaging is necessary. They are especially required in the food industry, which involves liquid products.

The Main Features of Plastic Packaging

The demand for plastic caps is constantly growing due to the popularity of plastic containers.

In comparison with other packaging types, plastic has the following advantages:

  • It neither lets in moisture, nor changes the characteristics under its influence;
  • It has a flat surface, which minimises mechanical damage and makes working with plastic packaging safer;
  • It is light, resistant, has a long lifespan, and is not subject to corrosion, unlike metal;
  • The versatility of plastic it to be used to create products of various types and shapes, and its solidity equals that of other materials;
  • It looks attractive;
  • It is resistant to aggressive agents and high temperatures.

The Plastic Varieties

The following types of plastic are used within the packaging industry:

  • polystyrene;
  • polyamide;
  • polyvinylchloride;
  • polypropylene;
  • various copolymers.

The sphere of use and type of packaging depends on the properties of the material.

The Prospects for the Plastic Packaging Industry

The demand for plastic packaging is constantly growing, and so do consumer requirements for its characteristics. Therefore, this area is under constant development. Manufacturers invent new shapes and forms of both plastic containers and caps.

Leakproof plastic caps are especially important when transporting toxic substances of various classes. They must have high barrier and hermetic properties.

In the future, plastic containers and caps will replace other types of packaging due to their practicality and universality.