The Flip Top Stoppers by TESET Studio

The Ukrop® Bügel section of the UKROP project focuses on the development of innovative closures and offers its own version of stoppers. They have unique consumer qualities and a new way of fixing.

What Are Flip Top Stoppers?

The name of the closure comes from the German word “bügel”, which means “handle, arc”, and also “capture, clamp” so, most likely, Germany is the birthplace. The plug appeared in the 19th century and became quite popular.

This is a reusable closure with flip spring clips. The stopper is inserted into the neck of the bottle, and then the spring clips are used to clamp it airtight.

It is applied to bottles and other glassware with rubber seals. It ensures preservation of the taste and benefits of the drink.

The Specifics of the Closure Mechanism

The stopper consists of:

  • the stopper itself;
  • a seal (food grade rubber is used for the manufacture);
  • stainless steel wire holder.

Reliable fixation with a metal lock ensures that the stopper fits snuggly in the neck of the bottle, and rubber seals ensures impermeability.

Initially, the body of the stopper was made of a ceramic material, but being expensive, it has gradually been replaced by plastic.

The Advantages of Stoppers

This product has the following favourable characteristics:

  • It is leakproof and tight, is not subject to deformation, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the contents during transportation;
  • It is practical and reusable, and does not alter the taste of the contents;
  • It preserves freshness and benefits of the product for a long time; chemically inert materials are used for the manufacture of stoppers, so they do not react with the product in the bottle;
  • It has a unique vintage design;
  • Being reusable, it affects the environment in a positive way.

Some Interesting Facts

In the US, stoppers are called “flip tops”, which means “open up”. And in Russia, this is a word for cosmetics lids which can be opened with one hand.

Together with the stoppers a new word appeared in the German language: “to ploppen”, which means “to flop with the beer cap”. It sounds like a specific noise   

as the bottle pops open.

At the moment, TESET Studio is working on an updated innovative closure with a unique design.