What Can the Jigger Cap of the UKROP Project Do?

Imagine, billions of caps are produced to seal PET containers!

This little mass-produced detail allows creating a truly unique twist-constructor  “CROOT”. When being manufactured the cap undoubtedly has a certain cost, but it gets into the constructor for free. Yes, that’s right, because here it does not act as a closure, but as the main connecting element.

Thus, the twist-constructor “CROOT” is the most affordable constructor in the world.

This is an important distinguishing feature of the cap: it has “two lives”. The solution optimizes the plastic circulation in everyday life: a product once produced is used for a long time, which reduces the negative impact on the environment.

The twist-constructor presents many model types for assembling.

All the parents know that children often change their preferences because they explore the world: today they want to be a knight, tomorrow an astronaut. Our unique constructor “CROOT” allows assembling various types of models, so every day a child may play a new game. You may twist a robo-dog or a magic castle, assemble knight’s armor or real fantasy worlds. And you don’t need special thematic sets, as Lego, for instance. The point is that our details are fitting for all the models, as well as for boys and girls.

Thanks to our twist-constructor, you don’t have to put needless details in a bag, take them to the closet and go buy new ones. We are for sustainable consumption!

Another distinctive feature of the twist-constructor “CROOT” is the ability to scale. Some of the models might be transformed from small ones with a minimal number of details to similar huge ones with a large number of elements. This allows you to assemble a little model first, examine it, try it out, and to enlarge it later if you wish.

Moreover, you may supplement the twist-constructor with popular elements such as PET bottles to assemble unusual models. It also costs nothing, because you don’t have to purchase them, vice versa, you won’t throw the bottles in the trash. And you don’t need to take them with you on vacation or to the country, bottles can be found anywhere.

We will not stop here. We keep on inventing additional elements of the twist-constructor, creating new figures for assembling, developing educational games.

What remains unchanged is the Jigger cap, created as part of the UKROP project.

It’s a small detail for children’s games and a key to improving the environment!