The Ukrop Jigger

The Jigger Cap

The Jigger cap is an innovative closure with unique characteristics as listed below.

Currently, the Jigger section is the main one within the UKROP project. It is dedicated to the development of plastic caps for PET packaging. Our efforts are focused on the closures that are easy and convenient to open, especially for PET packaging with highly carbonated drinks.

Also, our task is to make caps with additional consumer properties, as well as to improve the environment in the field of plastic handling.

How the project came about

This product has just been developed and is the result of hard work. This type of closure was created by TESET Studio as part of the UKROP project dedicated to improving the packaging ecology issue. Our company focuses on the creation of closures with excellent consumer qualities to make them stand out among competitors.

When work began, we had no idea how important and useful it would be. Eventually, the project has acquired its own unique features that will surely make it popular in the market and among consumers.

The Main Characteristics

The distinctive features of the Jigger caps for PET packages are:

  • a unique design that can attract consumers’ attention;
  • the so-called “second life of caps” after being used as closures;
  • ease of use;
  • convenient opening of the containers;
  • improvements to the environment in the plastic products handling process due to longer-term usage.

The Prospects for the Jigger Direction

Today, TESET Studio has fully completed this section of the UKROP project. We have obtained technical and design patents in Germany and Russia. Now we are implementing the direction and planning to increase design versions, so that an interested manufacturer could choose a unique option to promote their products in the market.

We are also working with the Patent Office to additionally protect our products.

The UKROP project is closely connected to the CROOT project, which is also the brainchild of our company. To increase the lifespan of the Jigger caps, we offer to use them as a twist-constructor CROOT. That will be our innovative children’s toy.

The second life of plastic products is very important in today’s environmental situation. Please visit for more information on packaging recycling options. There you can find the idea of ​​ eco-friendly packaging in action.